"The Play Panels have been well received, they are easy to locate and avoid any OH&S issues facing the dealership. Prior to using these units the children's play area contained a range of toys which not only presented a health hazard but potential for serious litigation.
I am happy to recommend the units and can vouch for the excellent service and support provided by the Child Friendly Solutions team."
Sydney City Toyota

"The Play Panels have been a fantastic addition to our waiting room areas. Not only have they proven to be a hit with children, our staff love it too as they no longer have to tidy up scattered toys which makes for a more productive day. Another plus is that we no longer have the ongoing expense of constantly replacing broken and missing toys. We think it has been a good investment."
Sydney Ultrasound for Women

"It’s been really useful to occupy the kids. Normally they run around and climb on the doors. Customers are really happy when they see it."
Doors Plus

"One of our key roles as centre managers is to provide a pleasant and inviting shopping environment for our customers. Having the play panels in the Parents Rooms allows parents with a couple of children to attend to one child whilst the other is entertained in a safe and inviting setting."
AMP Retail

"The Play Panel is a great way to keep kids occupied in the reception area, even if you don't have much space. We no longer have to worry about tidying up after them and it helps us provide an extra level of customer service, as well as giving us a bit of extra time talking to the customer about what else they might need. I was particularly concerned about the safety angle with small toys and the panel has overcome this. In a T-Mart environment it is one less thing to worry about."
Bob Jane T-Marts

"Whatever we put into the parent’s room had to be safe, firstly, but also able to keep toddlers quietly entertained, simple to install and easy to keep clean. The Play Panels are the perfect addition to our parent’s room because they fulfilled all of our requirements"
Style At Home Homemaker Centre - Alexandria

"Because our store is a place people love to browse, it is important that those with children feel welcome. The Play Panel was a great option for us because it allows parents to feel their children are happily playing with a safe toy option while they shop. Because they can browse longer, they also tend to buy more which is great for sales. We also liked the fact that it doesn’t impose on valuable floor space."
Frenchville Foodstore

"Our sales people have always identified the link between kids causing distractions and losing a sale because of it. The Play Panels allow our customers to have the opportunity to shop longer allowing them to make better choices."
Beacon Lighting

"As the demand for some of our traditional product ranges that we have relied on to generate customer traffic have been diminishing over the last few years we realised we needed to introduce something new to build a better shopping experience. We have always believed keeping customers in the store longer will increase sales and one of the best ways we have recently found to do that is to provide an in-store play area. Child Friendly Solutions created an appealing, functional play space to occupy children safely in our store, including inbuilt toys for babies and toddlers, and a couple of touch screen tablets for older children, without taking up too much valuable floor space. They also advised us to surround the area with merchandise targeted at parents which has resulted in increased sales of those products. We are extremely happy with the results we are getting from the play area and would highly recommend Child Friendly Solutions for any retailer wishing to achieve the same results."
Humphreys Newsagency Manly