Is your parent's room a little tired? Cold? Unwelcoming? A bit daggy? 

Would you like to take your parent's room from this (left) to this (right)?

the 'before' shot
the 'after' shot

Create a space that is warm and inviting so that parents will visit more often, stay longer and spend more.

Child Friendly Solutions can supply you with a range of options including:

  • Commercial baby change mats & wall mounted tables
  • Furniture (including the best armchairs for feeding mothers)
  • High chairs (wall mounted to prevent theft)
  • Play equipment
  • Curtains
  • Clocks (to time feeds!)
  • Stylish murals
  • Framed artwork
  • Mobiles

Clients include:

  • Westfield 
  • Lend Lease 
  • Stockland 
  • Centro
  • AMP Capital 
  • Gandel Group 
  • Ipoh 
  • Jones Lang Lasalle
  • Federation

How does the process work?

The first step is a visit to your centre. If your centre is not in Sydney, we can either provide you with a quote to come to you for the day, or we can work together using photos and videos that you provide to us.

Next we prepare a detailed, fully costed proposal for you, including a Vision Board so you can get a feel for how the room will work with colour schemes, play equipment and furnishings. Here's a sample:

Finally, we organise to have the products delivered to you. Everything comes with the required attachments and is easily fitted and/or installed by your maintenance crew.

We know from personal experience that if the parents rooms in a centre are cold and unwelcoming, it's just easier to go home, but of course they take their valuable shopping dollars with them! Having a warm, inviting parents room in your centre encourages shoppers to attend to their children's needs in a beautiful environment and then keep shopping.

Contact Kate Campbell to discuss your requirements. We will prepare a fully costed proposal to match your budget.
Tel: (02) 9984 0769. Email:

Or you can shop directly for Parent's Room products at our online store.

β€œOne of our key roles as centre managers is to provide a pleasant and inviting shopping environment for our customers. Having the play panels in the Parents Rooms allows parents with a couple of children to attend to one child whilst the other is entertained in a safe and inviting setting.”
Justine Saltmarsh, Marketing Manager, AMP Retail