Parents will stay and spend more in your pub, club, restaurant or café when their children are safely occupied

You know the value of attracting and retaining customers with children. Our commercial play products help you do that safely & space effectively.

Are you tired of spending money on replacing toys, textas and crayons? Are you worried about staff or customers tripping on loose toys? Do children draw on everything except the paper you give them?

Child Friendly Solutions can advise you on a range of safe play options that are:

  • Compact and safe – all play attachments are fixed
  • Conform to Australian Standards (AS/NZ ISO8124)
  • Designed for commercial use so they are durable & long-lasting
  • Have no choking or tripping hazards
  • Non-intrusive to interior design
  • Guaranteed for 12 months
  • Designed to keep children safely occupied within parents’ proximity so families are encouraged to stay for that dessert or another coffee. 

Clients include:

  • Oriental Hotel
  • Homestead Tavern
  • Armidale Services Club
  • Club Ryde
  • Pioneer Tavern
  • Club Maitland
  • Frenchville Foodstore
  • Ashmore Palms Holiday Village

Contact Kate Campbell to discuss your requirements. We will prepare a fully costed proposal to match your budget.
Tel: (02) 9984 0769. Email:

Or you can shop directly for play solution products at our online store.

"Because our store is a place people love to browse, it is important that those with children feel welcome. The Play Panel was a great option for us because it allows parents to feel their children are happily playing with a safe toy option while they shop. Because they can browse longer, they also tend to buy more which is great for sales. We also liked the fact that it doesn’t impose on valuable floor space."
Frenchville Foodstore